Sean’s Bio

Sean has been writing his press bios for as long as he’s needed them and he hates it. Talking about himself in the 3rd person is tough. He could try to impress you with monetary or social statistics, but honestly he thinks that’s really lame.

Sean has always done music for the sake of it and because he loves to write and perform. He’s not doing this to impress you or anyone else so don’t waste your time judging him.  Let the music decide if he’s right for you…. Death to the fluffed-up bios full of stretched truth!!!

BUT… in case that’s what you want… here’s the long version:

At age 4 Sean would stand on the concrete slab patio which stood three feet above his back yard and play air guitar on a plastic baseball bat while pretending the rustling autumn leaves in the amber afternoon light were actually audience members.

Sean began playing guitar and writing songs at 13. A year later he landed his first gig at an old rundown Daytona Beach, Florida gas station turned biker-bar dubbed Charlie’s. After receiving the approval of a presumably tough audience, Sean began to realize that being a performing songwriter was his destiny. Sean performed in a number of outfits throughout high school and college. Entering his 20′s in fall of 1997, he went solo and found himself in more coffeehouses than classrooms and left college to deliver pizza and perform as much as possible. Within six months he garnered a diverse following in central Florida. By the end of 1997, he moved to Buffalo, New York, where he would test his material on unfamiliar audiences. By the summer of 1998 he was included on a compilation CD sponsored by Stimulance Coffeehouse. At the opening of the disc, you hear the host announce Sean as Buffalo’s finest import from Florida.

Sean performed his song “… and I failed social studies that year.” at the 1999 International Conference on Non-Violence, which was held at the Doctor Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The song is a narration of childhood experiences growing up in a predominantly racist community in Lake County, Florida. Personal experience is the primary source for subject matter in Sean’s work. When he’s not lamenting his heartbreak, or the heartbreak he has created, his voice is dedicated to explicating socio-political issues that are constantly misrepresented or altogether ignored by mainstream media.

The 21st-century found Sean writing and performing consistently. To gain exposure in the Atlanta market, he began playing cover gigs in local venues. These frequent 3-hour shows helped refine Sean’s performance technique, while providing him with an opportunity to expose his original material to larger audiences. Kagalis went on to rank in the Atlanta Southern Voice best of readers poll for ‘male musician’ in 2005 (2nd), 2007 (1st) and 2008 (3rd). Connect, a full concert live album, was released in January, 2008.

Later that year, Sean entered the virtual world of the internet commerce game Second Life as Strum Diesel upon recommendation from a friend. 2009 saw the release of his album, Lucky, as well as a tireless ‘SL’ schedule of his energetic live shows which helped him amass a devoted following of fans that span the globe. Unlike profile-based sites like MySpace and Facebook, Second Life allows ’Strum’ to share his craft in a live unpredictable setting, where listeners can hear what Sean is really all about.

Although this new ‘virtual’ career has kept him busy at home the past few years, Sean still performs in the ‘real world’ despite wacky rumors to the contrary.  Sean won a GIMA (Georgia Indie Music Award) in 2010 for his production work on Cell Fehrenbach’s On My Way to Love.  In 2012 he put those homegrown skills to work and produced his most recent EP, Legalize It.  He has also recently joined forces and toured with the Bearapalooza collective.  His latest album Working Parts should be available by late 2012/early 2013.

One thing is for sure, he will always make music.



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